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Becoming an Entrepreneur for Karmveer Climbing the ladder of Success

Karmveer Amruttulya, based out of Nashik, Maharashtra, has been winning the hearts of all tea lovers in Nashik and is now set out to stretch and expand its business not only in Maharashtra but all over the country.

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Franchise Details

For an investment of 3 lakh rupees, the company provides you with:

  • A 5-foot front service counter
  • A single wash basin for washing utensils
  • 2 gas burners and crockery material for making tea and other products
  • A stainless steel table and service tray
  • 3 brass pots for boiling tea and a milk pan
  • 2 thermoses for storing tea
  • Printed cups and paper cups for serving tea
  • A refrigerator for storing milk

Branding Details

 Branding Package Includes:
  • A front outer acrylic board
  • A standee
  • A menu card
  • Initial raw materials, which include:
    • Masala for making 400 liters of jaggery tea
    • Hot coffee powder
    • Lemon tea powder
    • Masala tea powder
  • All these items will be made available to you in Nashik.
  • You only need to arrange transport from Nashik to your city.

Why Choose Us?

Brand Reputation

Karmaveer Amrutulya is a trusted name with a strong market presence.

We have a loyal customer base that loves and trusts our products.

Support and Training

We provide extensive training to ensure you can run your franchise successfully.

Our dedicated team is always available to assist you with any issues or questions.


Enjoy 40-45% profit on each product, with no additional charges or royalties.

Our efficient supply chain ensures you get the best prices for high-quality ingredients.

Marketing and Promotion

We offer robust marketing strategies to help you attract and retain customers.

Benefit from our well-recognized brand to drive.